Robinhood Stocks: Why you should start investing here

Why should you start investing with Robinhood? Well for starters it’s probably one of the most simple investments programs out there. It allows for people to buy portions of stock and it’s free, meaning no paying to Robinhood and fees for using their services. This makes it an ideal platform to utilize as a beginning investor.

Among being able to buy stock portions here, you can also gain insights from analysts. These people will give you their view of the stock and why you should or shouldn’t invest in the specific stock you are looking at. It also gives all the information you need to make proper choices depending on your investing style.

Robinhood also splits all of the stocks up in simple categories from ETF’s to dividends, and normal stock, along with if it’s a volatile stock or a safe one. With this set up it makes it really easy to maneuver into the stocks you want and then buy them. They also have their own learning site that you can find by clicking here. This learning website covers just about everything for the new investor to get started with the app and star making great financial moves for their future.

Along with everything I’ve shared above, there is one thing that makes Robinhood even more appealing. That is, if you get your friends and family to sign up via a link you share, they can get a free stock and you can get one too. Robinhood will give you a stock that is prices anywhere between $5 all the way to $500. That means you have a chance to get Apple stocks or even Vanguard stocks.

What questions do you have about Robinhood? Is it something you’d want to try? Leave a comment below with your questions and answers!

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Thomas Schmidt is a husband and Gamer who currently serves his country in the US Army as a Truck Driver (88M). He enjoys spending time with his family and playing Dungeons and Dragons with his Father and friends. His wife is from the Philippines, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management.