Good Evening! What are you all up to this snowy day? ( I know, it’s freaking April…)

How are you all today? Enjoying the cold weather? How about the dang snow? What, you don’t have any snow and you are in nice warm weather?? Good for you! Unfortunately I live in the Midwest and we just got dumped on by a snow storm, for the second year in a row…I know, you chose to be up there, I get it, but what you don’t know is I really DIDN’T choose to be up here, I was just born up here and haven’t moved away yet…

I know it’s been awhile, but hey I’m here! And I’m brining you my rant for the week! I HATE THE MIDWEST! Hahaha! Well here’s an update on my current situation. I’m no longer a security supervisor…you may ask why that is, well…let’s say the client and I were not on the same eye level on a few things. What that thing is, well, I don’t like talking to the client. I really actually hate it.

See, I’m running his security force and working second/third shift, I don’t have time to be talking to him. But hey, it’s Minnesota and people get butt-hurt easily about these things, they’re such sensitive beings now-a-days, I’m surprised this state (and many states like it..) are still kicking. Well, it also has to do with the Account Manager (my boss) taking back-to-back vacations, not even a week apart from each other, that caused me some serious issues too.

But hey, it’s in the past, I’m not worried about it, I’m back on my old account and making more than I was making as a supervisor anyways…(I’m still a bit salty about it, when you get removed from an account for the reasoning of “He never stopped by and talked to me…” or “He never came in to see us.” Then you’d understand the chip on my shoulder, not being removed because I was doing bad, just because I never talked or went to see the client.)

That’s all I have for now, tell me all, what are some new and exciting things in your life today? And if there isn’t anything exciting, what saltiness are you carrying? Comment below! Thanks!

Author: Thomas Schmidt

Thomas Schmidt is a husband and Soldier living on the East Coast. He is a Motor Transport Operator for the United States Military. Currently, he is enrolled in school for Cybersecurity and enjoys writing and drawing digital artwork on his iPad in his free time. He also enjoys gaming and hosts an occasional stream on Twitch. Thomas is also the co-host of a new podcast called Monday Morning Coffee. You can find it on all major podcast applications!

4 thoughts on “Good Evening! What are you all up to this snowy day? ( I know, it’s freaking April…)”

    1. That’s good! That’s about what I’m doing regularly now myself hahaha! I’m glad you’re having a good time thought! And thank you for commenting, I appreciate it a lot!

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    2. Laughing that The Bern talks about income inequality, but his taxes show he’s a millionaire socialist that gives next to nothing to charity.

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